According to culinary legend, the potato chip original in 1853 at a fashionable New York restaurant when railroad magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt sent his potatoes back to the kitchen, complaining that they were too thick.
Annoyed, chef George Crum scornfully sliced some potatoes into a kettle of boiling oil and fried them to a crisp. The result was a hit and the potato chip was born.

In succession to this  traditional recipe, we kettle-cook select potatoes in small batches using vegetable oil.
We use totally natural ingredients, hand-rake every batch, and test chips at every stage of preparation to ensure quality and taste. Enjoy our traditional kettle cooked potato chips.

この伝統的な調理法に続いて、私たちは厳選されたジャガイモを少量ずつ、植物油を使って調理します。 そして、原材料は、すべて天然のものを使用し、一枚ずつ手作業でチップをすくい取り、仕込みの各段階で検査して品質と味を保証しています。 昔ながらのケトルクックポテトチップスをお楽しみください。